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Bernhard Hecker
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What I do

As a product manager and leader with over 30 years of experience, I am here to help organizations and teams navigate times of rapid change and innovation. I specialize in helping organizations prioritize tasks, solve real-world problems, and achieve strategic outcomes. Additionally, I assist professionals in other fields, such as sales and HR, to understand the benefits of adopting a product-centered mindset. My goal is to help organizations cultivate a culture of product thinking and drive success and efficiency.

Bernhard Hecker

About me

I specialize in the intersection of business and technology, with a focus on understanding and enabling connections between business strategy and information technology. In the early stages of my career, I worked closely with advanced technology before transitioning to product management. Through this experience, I gained expertise in managing a profit and loss statement and handling the entire lifecycle of a product or service, giving me a strong understanding of markets, business drivers, and strategy.

I have always been passionate about creating and developing software-based products, from ideation to launch and growth. Throughout my career, I have focused on product management and have a deep understanding of various methodologies and techniques.


As a sounding board, my role is to listen and provide a space for you to discuss problems, brainstorm ideas, and receive feedback. While it is not my responsibility to provide all the answers, I can assist you in working through issues and finding the best solution for you. My goal is to help you grow and develop.

Venture Advisory

I am dedicated to helping your business succeed. With my own experience navigating the challenges and pitfalls that businesses can face, I can provide valuable guidance and support. My role is to connect you with my network of investors and clients, as well as challenge and refine your ideas, in order to help you achieve success.

CDO as a Service

Digital transformation has fundamentally altered our world, including both consumer behavior and business practices. In order to stay competitive, it is essential to have representation of this shift at the executive level, whether through a Chief Digital Officer (CDO) or Chief Customer Officer. My expertise lies in helping you understand the impacts of digital and connected business, and how to effectively navigate this changing landscape.

Product Strategy

To achieve product success, it is crucial to have a well-defined strategy in place. This includes identifying your target users and markets, analyzing competitors and technology, and considering factors such as profitability and innovation. With my experience, I am here to support you in making informed decisions and developing a market and portfolio strategy that will set your product up for success.

Tech Team Building

If you are in need of product owners, engineers, designers, testers, or operations experts, I can help you build a strong and effective team. With years of experience hiring and managing tech teams, I am well-equipped to identify the right people for your venture and help you create a cohesive and successful team.

Product Thinking

Whether you are building a new digital product or aiming to introduce a new service offering, product thinking can help you prioritize and focus on the most impactful outcomes. I can assist you in adapting product management methodologies to your processes in order to increase efficiency and improve results. This is especially helpful if you are looking to establish a new service offering for colleagues or clients.

Awesome Clients

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Our first happy client

„I got to know Bernhard as a top technologist, someone who knows all the aspects of technology in-depth, as a mentor to me in technology at the time, an enthusiastic dedicated worker and fun person to work with and who get things done effortless and inspiring.“

Our first happy client - Sebasitan Tischer

„As a super straightforward highly experienced product manager and mentor - he was exactly the right one for us. With his help, we restructured our jproduct development procress and reduced time to market by more than 8 months.“

Our second happy client - Emmanuel el-Khoury

Our first happy client

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