30+ years in Product Management
Bernhard Hecker
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What I do

I’m here to help. In times of constant and rapid change and fast innovation, product management methodologies can be helpful in many ways. Prioritization of tasks, focusing on real world problems and strategic outcomes are highly important capabilities. After more than 30 years as product manager and leader, I help teams, organizations and product leaders with the strategic transformation.

I build product teams and strategies and help organizations of other professions, like sales or HR teams to understand how they can benefit from ‘product thinking’. I help organizations to establish a product thinking culture and to grow success and efficiency.

Bernhard Hecker

About me

I live at the intersection of business and technology — understanding and enabling the links between business strategy and information technology. I spent the early part of my career hands-on with bleeding-edge technology and continued to product management, where I learned how to run a P&L and deal with the entire lifecycle of a product/service, giving me an understanding of markets, business drivers, and strategy.

I have always been someone who is interested in doing each and everything around software-based products, invent them, create them, bring them to life, watch them grow, let them go.

I’ve been into product management during almost my entire career and have a deep understanding of various methodologies and techniques.


My job is to be a sounding board. Somebody you can discuss problems with, brainstorm ideas with or get feedback. It is not my job to give you all the answers, but to help you working through some issues and find the right solution for you. I am there to help you grow.

Venture Advisory

I can make your business happen. I have myself been through many of the pitfalls, ventures go through and I can help you avoid some of them. It is my job to support you in making your venture a successful one. I am here to connect you with my network of investors and clients and challenge your ideas.

CDO as a Service

Digital has changed our world. It has changed consumers and it is changing business. You need that represented at the executive level. Some call it a Chief Digital Officer (CDO), others a Chief Customer Officer. Whatever the name, I help you understand digital and connected business.

Product Strategy

Product success depends on the right strategy. From user and market identification to competitive and technology analysis, from profitability and innovation to a market and portfolio strategy you have to take many decisions. With my experience I am there to support you taking the right ones.

Tech Team Building

Do you need product owners, engineers, designers, testers or operations experts? I have been hiring and running tech teams for many years and can help you find the right people for your venture and build a real and strong team for you.

Product Thinking

Wether you build a new digital product or you aim to establish a new service offering for colleagues or clients, product thinking can help you prioritize and focus on the right outcomes. I help you adapting product management methodologies to your processes to increase efficiency and results.

Awesome Clients

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Our first happy client

„I got to know Bernhard as a top technologist, someone who knows all the aspects of technology in-depth, as a mentor to me in technology at the time, an enthusiastic dedicated worker and fun person to work with and who get things done effortless and inspiring.“

Our first happy client - Sebasitan Tischer

„As a super straightforward highly experienced product manager and mentor - he was exactly the right one for us. With his help, we restructured our jproduct development procress and reduced time to market by more than 8 months.“

Our second happy client - Emmanuel el-Khoury

Our first happy client

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